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DRAKE™ Technology
Innovation is the hallmark of Ahlborn-Galanti’s powerful and exciting new DRAKE™ Technology (Digital Sound Processor - Reduced Instruction Set Computer - Advanced - Keyboard - Engine) and Advanced Sampled Wave Processing® are proud accomplishments of Ahlborn engineering division.

Ahlborn-Galanti's new DRAKE™ Technology began with a corporate vision to manufacture musical instruments with unparalleled sound quality, enhanced features, and interactive capabilities. The results have provided our customers with superior instruments at remarkably affordable prices.

Some manufacturers purchase “off-the-shelf” processors and adapt them to work in their instruments. Unwilling to accept that compromise, Ahlborn Organs designed DRAKE™.

DRAKE™ is the newest digital sound processor designed by Ahlborn Organs. Its DSP and RISC technology utilize an instruction set optimized for sound generation and musical applications. This completely digital system includes digital mixers, 5 band digital equalizers and 24-bit DACs.

DRAKE™’s 32-bit structure for CPU (ARM) and 43-bit structure for DSP combined with a programmable software architecture make this processor so powerful and fast that any kind of algorithm (from Wave Table to Physical Modeling) can be implemented in real time.

The exciting results made possible by DRAKE™ guarantee Ahlborn-Galanti continued reputation as a leader in the music industry.

All Ahlborn-Galanti organs use standardized DRAKE™ motherboards with expansion slots and Dual DRAKE™ modules thereby assuring identical quality throughout our entire product line.

Multi-layer boards are state-of-the-art with surface mount components and gold plated connectors. Software upgrades are provided free of charge and are easily uploaded to the on-board FLASH memory through a USB interface. As new features are introduced, past customers are assured that their instruments can be easily upgraded.

Ahlborn-Galanti’s sleek design with modular plug-in circuitry makes service, if ever required, fast and simple. Interchangeable DRAKE™ boards mean that only a small number of parts are required to repair any organ.

While some companies like to interpret numerical statistics for prospective customers, Ahlborn-Galanti Organs is confident that its unmatched technology is best appreciated and understood by hearing its results. For engineers, a detailed look inside and a review of our US Patent provide the conclusive facts.

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