Sound Comes First
Ahlborn-Galanti's convincing pipe organ sounds are the result of  years of research and development in the area of digital sound generation.

We believe that the natural beauty and tonal variety of a fine pipe organ is the unsurpassed ideal for leading congregational singing, accompanying choirs and performing the rich tradition of majestic organ literature.

Ahlborn-Galanti's features and technology (which, for example, includes recording of pipe ranks, on-site, at distinguished pipe organs from around the world) have given Ahlborn-Galanti Organs an undeniable edge for those who appreciate the benefits of natural pipe organ sound.

Design Integrity
Ahlborn-Galanti Organs is dedicated to designing and building the finest digital organs ever made and to offering them to churches and organists at affordable and competitive prices.

Ahlborn-Galanti organs are designed specifically to meet the needs, tastes and requirements of American churches and organists.

Ahlborn-Galanti’s Tonal Director works in close collaboration with design teams in order to produce instruments of unmatched quality.

Ahlborn-Galanti’s majestic pipe organ sounds are enhanced by the comfort, feel, construction and reliability of its elegant traditional consoles which adhere to the specifications of the American Guild of Organists.

Tonal Finishing
After the console, speaker cabinets, amplifiers and wiring have been installed, the Tonal Finishing begins. This is where art meets technology and the trained human ear is the final judge.

This critical artistic work is performed by an authorized Ahlborn-Galanti Representative. Every stop is adjusted, independently, to achieve the best possible tonal results throughout the room. Each stop is also adjusted to blend cohesively with other stops in order to create clear, full and rich ensembles.

Unlike organs which must be voiced by technicians with computers running proprietary software, Ahlborn-Galanti organs have built-in software and voicing tools assuring that as technology and computer platforms change or become obsolete, the organ can always be maintained or revoiced, as necessary, into the future.

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