Built To Order
Ahlborn-Galanti’s Custom Division provides organs tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of its customers. In addition to custom specifications, many different console appointments may be chosen, including the selection of woods and finishes, panel styles, keyboards, etc.

Pipe Organ Compatibility
Ahlborn-Galanti organs are fully pipe organ compatible. Pipe ranks of existing organs or new custom-built pipe complements can be easily combined into a seamlessly integrated specification.

Many churches needing to replace a worn-out pipe organ console find that an Ahlborn-Galanti console is an excellent way to “renew” their pipe organ.

An Ahlborn-Galanti console provides the opportunity to expand the tonal resources of the organ by combining its digital pipe ranks with the wind-blown pipes. This can often be accomplished for less than the cost of simply “rebuilding” an old console.

Ahlborn-Galanti’s Auto Pipe Tracking™ automatically keeps the digital ranks in tune with the pipe ranks as the pitch of the pipes shifts with temperature changes.

"Since we installed an Ahlborn-Galanti AG3100 we have been amazed at the enhancement of our pre-existing 10 rank pipe organ. There are 358 additional digital stops that we are just beginning to explore. In addition to the digital pipe stops, the congregation is also delighted with the harpsichord, timpani, and piano sounds now incorporated into our worship music. This is truly an instrument for a fabulous musical future."

Rev. Campbell Lovett, Senior Minister
Newman Congregational Church
Rumford, Rhode Island

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