A Musical Tradition

AHLBORN-GALANTI first entered the field of classical organs towards the end of the 1970's, after having acquired a solid experience in the construction of a variety of musical instruments that had met with success in many different countries. For this ambitious project, it was felt that a completely new division of the company was necessary, staffed by technical and musical experts with a thorough knowledge of the world of classical organs. The objective was to create instruments with a rational but comprehensive range of features, superior tone production and practical operating commands, presented in simple but attractive cabinets that would grace any surroundings. Obviously, these aims were to be compatible with the essential characteristics of high quality allied with limited cost that would justify the choice of such instruments when the installation of a pipe organ was impossible.

The positive results obtained with these early instruments encouraged AHLBORN-GALANTI to be continue in this new direction, placing particular emphasis on research and development.

At this stage, the principal target to be achieved was a substantial improvement of the sound quality of the various stops, and one of the most important aspects examined was that of the correct rate of attack for every single note. As the analogue technology used previously was insufficient to allow these advances to be made without drastic increases of costs that would produce only limited results, a new digital alternative called SWP (Sound Wave Processing) was developed. With this technique, high-fidelity recordings are made of the authentic sounds of organ pipes. These are then analyzed in fine detail, right from the start of the note to the moment in which it reaches its steady tone. This swift but nevertheless noticeable passage from silence to sound is one of the essential factors that give the different stops of an organ their distinctive tone color.

The results of AHLBORN-GALANTI researches has ended to the exclusive DRAKE™ processor (Dsp, Risc, Advanced Keyboard Engine) an industry leading initiative and a major leap forward in organ design that gives to the sound a fidelity, naturalness and vitality never reached before, and concurs the maximum flexibility and refinement in the numerous functions and controls of the instruments.

.The beauty and sound versatility without comparisons of the AHLBORN-GALANTI ‘High Definition Pipe Organ Sound™’, join to the functionality and the elegance of their aesthetic lines, represent one exceptional synthesis between the values of the great organ building tradition and the technological innovation of our time.

Ahlborn-Galanti Organs is a division of Generalmusic Corporation USA, with its headquarters, warehousing and support services located in Illinois, near O’Hare International Airport.

Daniele Galanti, President of Generalmusic Corporation is the great-grandson of Generalmusic’s founder.


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